Silent killer ( Hypertension ) HTN


Hypertension disease

A person who has sustained the systolic pressure of 150mmhg or above and diastolic pressure above 90 or both are considered hypertensive

The tow type of Hypertension:

Primary Hypertension

Unknown cause .it affects 90% of Hypertensive patients

Secondary Hypertension
caused by:

1- enlargement of the adrenal gland " pheochromocytoma "

2 - Eclampsia

3 - Congenital heart anomalies

4 - Disease of the kidney

Primary Hypertension: is characterized by sustained elevation of diastolic blood pressure over of 90 mmHg.

Malignant Hypertension:

Specific term used to describe the condition when has a sudden onset and is followed by severe symptoms and complications the factors are:

- Age: old age more than younger.

- Obesity.

- Coffee intake.

- Smoking.

- Drugs.

- Emotional disturbances.

- Sex, affect female more than male.

Signs and Symptoms:

- Dizziness, headache fatigue, insomnia.

- Epistaxis bleeding from the nose.

- Blurred vision.

 - May experience anginal pain and dyspnea.

- Renal symptoms: Including elevated B U N nocturia and creatinine.

- Prolonged elevation in blood pressure damage blood vessels in the eyes, heart, brain and kidneys. so that it will lead to vision problems.

- Coronary occlusion .C H F , renal failure, stroke.

- Diagnostic evaluation.

- Health history.

- Physical examination.

- Fundus exam.

- ECG ( electro cardio gram ).

- Urine analysis { protein in urine }.

- Kidney function test: urea, creatinine.


1- Antihypertensive drug

Diuretics ex:
- lasix.

- Aldactone.

- Methyldopa.

- Chlorothiazide.

- Hydralazine.

- Propranolol.

2- Vasodilators.

3- Low salt diet.

4- Decrease stress and anxiety.

5- Regular exercise.


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  1. A real silent killer that millions worldwide rarely detect!

  2. A real silent killer that millions worldwide rarely detect!